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The Burns and Becks Gundog Club was formed in 1965 by a small group of retriever trainers who ran training days and tests against other local clubs. Since Kennel Club affiliation in 2012 the club has re-affirmed its aims to help handlers improve the standard of their dogs through training classes, working tests and field trials. Members of all ages and levels of experience are welcome, including young handlers who are the future of the sport.

Burns and Becks 4 way match team

Burns and Becks 4 way match team


Programme of Events for 2017
Venues to be confirmed.
Sat 11th March – Training
Sat 1st April – Training
Sat 22nd April – Training
4-way match
Sat 6th May – Training
Sun 14th May – Puppy/Novice/Open Safari Working Test
Sat 27th May – Training
Sat 3rd June – Puppy Safari/Novice Walked-up Test
Sat 17th June – Training
5-way match
Sun 16th July – Open Walked-Up Test

Newsletter – JUNE 2017

The winnersPuppy Safari and Novice Walk Up Tests
3 June 2017

On a warm, sunny and occasionally breezy day 13 puppies and 24 novice dogs were on the card at Brackenburgh, courtesy of our enthusiastic and generous hosts, the Harris family.

The puppy tests, devised by Andy Jardine and Miles Savage, were set on the edge of the heather moorland, and were designed to test at puppy level. Consequently just four failures from 52 tests were evident, and handlers and dogs were pleased with the level of challenge.

Test one was a mark thrown up a gulley, followed by a blind thrown in its place, generally completed well by all dogs. Test two consisted of a heelwork exercise, dummy thrown by handler, then dog sent back for the retrieve. This proved more difficult for some dogs, as did the third test, which was a blind placed about 40 yards down a track. The final test was a double mark, generally completed well by most dogs.
After a runoff for second place, the awards were as follows:
1st Ros Mcilroy with Applebriar Duke
2nd Kirsty Howson with Lunefirefly Somersby
3rd Alan Lord with Drakeshead Cody
4th Steve Burns with Lowforge Pebbles of Jollybrow

The Novice walk-up began without a breath of wind in relatively short heather, marks being thrown in front of the line and blinds behind. All retrieves in the first round were challenging and the dogs stepped up and hunted well in the heather to gain success. The judges, led by B panel Bill Liddell, were generous and only four dogs were lost at that stage. In the second round of just one marked retrieve per dog, deeper heather and longer cross retrieves began to separate the dogs and just nine dogs were taken forward to the third round.

Fortunately at this stage the breeze began to return and the line turned and moved over to a valley, the two sets of judges with dogs on opposite sides giving the opportunity for dogs to be handled over longer distances across the divide.
The remaining dogs having proved their marking prowess, the judges decided to test them with a final blind retrieve at some 100 yards across the valley. This proved decisive and the judges were able to close their books with an excellent winner and some very worthy award winners. It had been a tough but relatively even test and the quality of the better dogs eventually came through. Moreover, many club members and some of the judges had learnt a lot about walk up organisation, a helpful preview of trialling.

At the presentation the judges, Bill Liddell, Ian Palmer, Marion Cairns and Grant Dawson were thanked for their sympathetic and helpful involvement and the large number of helpers who had contributed to the success of the day were appreciated.

1st Tony Appleby with Sealpin Gopher
2nd Polly Dunckley with Smithstead Gaze
3rd Joanne Wilson with Shipka Hellebore Sorrell
4th Nick West with Smithstead Layla
COM Lauren Williams with Lunefirefly Barolo
COM Mark Wilson with Verrao Firefly
View results list here.

Kirsty Howson
Burns and Becks Gundog Club Secretary

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